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JY Curtains serves the Greater Vancouver area, (Vancouver, Vancouver West, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, White Rock, etc.) Quality product and service, have elevated the quality of life for many customers. Numerous styles of 2018 blackout curtains are available, perfect for condos and houses.

Fabric Curtains
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At JY Curtains, we offer:

Value Curtains

Affordable pricing that meets your requirements for a hading curtain, giving you more private space. Simple, beautiful, modern style.

Beautiful and Comfortable Curtains

With a wide choice of fabrics to choose from, carefully designed for your, a set of curtains that matches well with your interior. Not only will it be effect at blocking unwanted light, the curtains’ decorative effect create a cozy and comfortable environment, making you truly feel at home. With fabric curtains, your home will not feel like the office.

Children’s Bedroom Curtains

For families with children, installing curtains in their bedrooms can lead to a quieter space, avoiding sunlight at unwanted times, improving better sleep quality, a part of a healthy happy childhood.

JY Curtains, giving you a warm and comfortable home.

Discount Curtains Service

For those customers in need, there is a low-cost, environmentally friendly option for black-out curtains assembled from multiple pieces of fabric of the same color. The price for these are about 1/10 to 1/100 of the normal curtain. These is a simple, practical black-out option that blocks out light just as well as regular curtains of the same fabric and material quality.

There are also a limited number of regular fabric curtains on sale.

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Fabric Curtains:

"Always Imitated"

Fabric Curtains have long history, though it has never lost its appeal throughout the ages. This because fabric curtains and drapery have shading functions and decorative features that are simply unparalleled by other types of window coverings. Although the origins of fabric curtain is unknown, its popularity has never waned. Fabric material’s varied patterns and colours, soft texture, really suite the home environment, generating a fantastic decorative effect, greatly enhancing the indoor environment, and improving the overall quality of life.

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Sheer Curtains:

"Two Worlds"

Sheer curtains are soft and translucent, with a nice aesthetic appeal. Sheer curtains have an unique attribute, that is, most of the time, they are very effective at letting in the light yet not are see-through. Privacy and light, both stay in. From the outside, one can not see inside, but people indoors can clearly view the outside. Outdoor and indoor space share the same atmosphere, yet have different environments. As such sheer curtains are adored by many. Sheers can also be combined with fabric curtains, completing each other’s functions.

Our customers who previously ordered sheer curtains, have all been quite satisfied with the results. Contact us at 778-865-1681 for your sheer curtain today.

Blackout Curtains:

"A Must-Have"

Vancouver’s summer sun shines for a long time everyday. This affects a lot of people’s sleep quality. If the room does not have good shading measures, it may become too warm for comfort. At such times, blinds’ leaky light blocking effect can be really disappointing . The purpose of blackout curtains is to completely block out sunlight. Our custom blackout curtain installation, have relieved many Greater Vancouver residents of such troubles. Contact us today and let your summer cool down.

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