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JY is a custom-maker of curtains and drapery. We also make matching curtains, bedding and upholstery. We also handle in the repair and processing of fabric curtains.

We do on-site measurements and installations. Customer requirements are our priority.

Service Area: Greater Vancouver

Contact: Jenny

Phone: 778-865-1681


At JY Curtains, we offer:

Value Curtains

Affordable pricing that meets your requirements for a hading curtain, giving you more private space. Simple, beautiful, modern style.

Beautiful and Comfortable Curtains

With a wide choice of fabrics to choose from, carefully designed for your, a set of curtains that matches well with your interior. Not only will it be effect at blocking unwanted light, the curtains’ decorative effect create a cozy and comfortable environment, making you truly feel at home. With fabric curtains, your home will not feel like the office.

Children’s Bedroom Curtains

For families with children, installing curtains in their bedrooms can lead to a quieter space, avoiding sunlight at unwanted times, improving better sleep quality, a part of a healthy happy childhood.

JY Curtains, giving you a warm and comfortable home.

Contact us at 778-865-1681.